It’s almost time


Well ladies considering all the cray cray weather and everything else …time keeps moving and the review date is approaching fast!!!!
Ihave enjoyed both books… Tookie is about to burst…. I sure hope someone post some book suggestions for our next read????


You know that you need to get your glasses on and get to reading!!!

You know that you need to get your glasses on and get to reading!!!

Hey Ladies!!!! I hope everyone is now reading “And the Mountains…” What’s your excuse? It’s cold outside – it’s warm inside… and we all got a sliver of time to steal away and read a page or two… Go ahead I dare you!

I sure hope that this post finds you all well and if not totally there believing that you will be staring wellness in the face and shaking it’s hand real soon! Talk to you later…

INTRODUCING OUR NEXT READ! Mark your Calendars for March 8, 2014 @ 12p/1p CST/EST

THIS IS IT!!!  Our latest READ let's get started!  picture courtesy of articleinline

THIS IS IT!!! Our latest ready let’s get started!
picture courtesy of articleinline

Hello Chapter1Page1 ladies this is my first post of 2014!!!
Prayers that Schelle66 will get to feeling better really soon! She agreed that we need to keep the reading momentum churning. In order to accomplish that goal it was decided to move forward and carry on reading. We are going to have 2 books to chat and chew about during out next gathering. So if you have not finished the “The Female Nomad” get to it – and keep up with your observations and notes! We are still going to gab about that one believe it!

Now for those that are finished here’s the clarion call ( can you hear my flute?) The new book is front and center! The date was picked so as not to coincide with any Birthday plans for the March ladies!

I will be the moderator for “And the Mountains Echoed”. I can’t wait to see what we all think of this book! I will be posting on the regular to drop a nugget or see where you are in the reading etc….

If you finish early and read something else in the interim please feel free to introduce your “extracurricular read” to the group with your thoughts? It might peak someone else’s interest! ” One never knows does one “?
Happy Reading.



Hello family, sorry for the late notice.  But I need to reschedule for another weekend.  I have not completed the book.  I have been sick for last few weeks and some days I have been completed out of commission.   After December 20, I was on leave for two weeks.   I have been totally out it… I will look at the schedule and send out another date…

Again sorry for the late notice.


December 2, 2013 Are We Reading Yet?


Hey reading family. I just thought about checking in to remind everyone to get cracking on the new book.  Of the ones who have begun the book, the comments are favorable.  I have yet to pick up my book, but I did try on Saturday.  Well good reading peoples. GOD bless you one and all. Come on Schell, get us inspired.

Love you all,               Agent Jean

I loved it!


Thanks to everyone for coming to the “chat and chew” regarding  The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Frye!

I personally had a great time, and I hope you all did too! It’s on now to the next read! Don’t forget the entire objective is to read, read, read! So if you finish early then just know our next gathering is just around the corner! (Jan 18, 2014) that felt funny to type.

Have a great rest of the day~ smooches